The Administration Department enhances the overall cohesiveness of The Hormel Institute by creating consistent services with a customer service focus to meet the unique needs of each lab and department at The Hormel Institute. The department offers support across a number of areas, including purchasing assistance and administrative support for all departments and labs.

Development & External Relations

The Development and External Relations Department seeks opportunities to gain new partners, advocates, and collaborators to raise support for the continued growth and success of The Hormel Institute. The Department shares and connects The Hormel Institute with external stakeholders, collaborators, partners, and donors who share our vision of inspiring discoveries that improve and extend human life.


The Finance Department provides financial support and guidance to all The Hormel Institute’s departments, implementing policies and procedures to ensure all department and lab leaders are up-to-date on their budgets and funding. The department seeks out opportunities to create new revenue streams and improve processes to make the most informed decisions possible for the financial health and future of the Institute.

Research Development

The Research Development Department partners with researchers to reduce the administrative burden that can come with seeking external grants and funding with the mission of promoting a culture of research excellence and bringing extramural research funding to The Hormel Institute. 

Community Outreach & Education

The Community Outreach and Education Department consists of three major pillars: outreach, education, and clinical studies. The department works to identify community needs, share health and wellbeing resources, support ongoing clinical research projects, expand education programs and internships, and strengthen community partnerships. 

Human Resources

Human Resources, Employee Engagement, and Immigration services and services support employees through the entire job life cycle, administers benefits, assists with the visa process, facilitates training, and develops policies to maintain an environment that is safe, welcoming, collaborative, progressive, and healthy for all employees. 

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department shares the important ongoing research and events at The Hormel Institute. The department develops and enacts strategic plans to tell the Institute’s unique story, educate the public on science, health, and research topics, and celebrate the work and achievements of our esteemed researchers with the widest possible audiences.

Research Facilities

The Research Facilities Department works around the clock to ensure The Hormel Institute campus remains safe, clean, and functional for all employees and visitors. The department works closely with all employees to ensure their workspaces meet their unique needs.

Research Support

The Research Support Department partners with The Hormel Institute’s scientists to maintain research equipment and provide additional support and services to accelerate research that may improve health and extend lives.

Research Computing & Information Technology

The Research Computing and Information Technology Department works to ensure The Hormel Institute’s employees have access to the most up-to-date technology and that the equipment and networks are functioning at the highest capacity with the primary mission of creating an efficient, secure work environment for all.


The Vivarium department partners with The Hormel Institute’s scientists to maintain the highest quality of research models and provide additional support and services to accelerate research that may improve health and extend lives.

Shared Resources

The Shared Resources Department provides training, assistance, and access to the shared instruments that are essential to the research our scientists conduct. The department aims to provide the best possible service to all users to ensure the most useful research outcomes.

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility

The CryoEM Facility at The Hormel Institute houses the state-of-the-art Titan Krios cryo-electron (cryoEM) microscope, one of the most powerful microscopes in the world, allowing our scientists to investigate the minute structural details and functions of proteins, viruses, and other subjects, which is crucial for developing new treatments and therapies for diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and COVID-19. The department seeks to secure The Hormel Institute’s place as a global leader in this cutting-edge technology and provide necessary training and support for all users.