shared resources

The Shared Resources Department provides training, assistance, and access to the shared instruments that are essential to the research our scientists conduct. The department aims to provide the best possible service to all users to ensure the most useful research outcomes.


Todd Schuster operates, maintains, and instructs scientists about the shared instruments used at The Hormel Institute for research on cancer and other diseases. 

Shared instruments and equipment currently include: 

  • Becton Dickinson FACS Aria II cell sorter
  • FACSCalibur flow cytometer
  • ABSCIEX 5600 Triple TOF mass spectrometer and Eksigent NanoLC nano HPLC system
  • Rigaku X-Ray diffraction system for protein crystallography, confocal and fluorescent microscopes, real-time PCR, spectrophotometers, tissue processor and microtome, cryostat, and high speed and ultracentrifuges.

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The Hormel Institute of today has established itself as a cutting-edge biomedical research facility with dozens of labs, state-of-the-art technology, and room for further expansion. We’re proud of our roots, and reflecting on our growth over the years allows us to look forward to the future with excitement for what more can be accomplished.