Postdoc Development Program

The Hormel Institute’s Postdoctoral Development Program offers postdoctoral associates the opportunity to prepare for careers in academia and beyond.

  • Professional Development

The PDP includes a series of workshops on a variety of topics, including research integrity, research reproducibility, and grantwriting.

  • Mentorship and Networking

The PDP provides a variety of mentorship and networking opportunities, including one-on-one mentoring and networking events with fellow postdocs, faculty, and industry professionals. The program also offers social and relationship-building opportunities, including game nights and happy hours.

  • Progress Tracking and Evaluation

The PDP includes feedback sessions for continuous development and improvement and end-of-program evaluations and surveys.

Other Resources

In addition to the Postdoctoral Development Program, we offer unique resources for Postdoctoral Associates.

Research Development & Grant Submission Support

Postdoctoral Associates are supported by a Research Development Coordinator dedicated to easing the administrative burden while they learn grantsmanship, provide tailored funding resources to support their research, ensure that guidelines are being followed according to each sponsor, assist in non-technical aspects of research, and give one-on-one support as requested. This focus will allow postdoctoral associates to focus on the science and receive tailored support to their research needs. 

Eagles Telethon Postdoctoral Fellowship 
Fifth District Eagles Cancer Telethon’s philanthropic contributions support the career development of outstanding postdoctoral associates by funding early-career team science research projects in cancer. Grants are peer-reviewed through The Hormel Institute’s Internal Grants Program and awarded annually. 

Research Travel Awards
We are committed to promoting academic excellence by supporting the professional advancement of its researchers. This program aims to remove financial barriers to participating in professional meetings, conferences, training, and workshops essential to career development. To be eligible, applicants must present a poster or a talk at an event or travel to learn a new scientific method or technique. 

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