We aim to inspire and cultivate the next generation of Minnesota-raised STEM leaders and innovators. 


A major pillar of the Community Outreach and Education Department is education. As part of The Hormel Institute’s larger mission to improve health and extend lives, the department provides unique STEM learning opportunities for K-12 students to inspire and cultivate the next generation of research leaders and innovators.

Through The Hormel Institute’s educational activities and programs, rural students, who are underrepresented in STEM careers, have access to unique opportunities and experiences—such as guided, hands-on activities and direct mentorship from world-class scientists—that are unparalleled throughout much of the country.

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Educational Tours

Educational Tours

Calling all educators and youth organizations! Are you ready for an unforgettable STEM educational experience? Join us at The Hormel Institute for an enriching journey through the fascinating world of biomedical research!


Young Scientist Program

The Hormel Institute currently partners with Austin Public Schools to offer 6–8 grade students at IJ Holton Intermediate School and Ellis Middle School the opportunity to learn about biomedical research topics through hands-on activities and presentations led by scientists at The Hormel Institute.