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We inspire discoveries that improve and extend human life. Researchers at The Hormel Institute use cutting-edge technologies to accelerate answers to fundamental biological questions through innovation and creativity to improve lives and cultivate hope.


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Study Published Could Offer Solution for Reawakening Immune System Responses to Inhibit Cancer Progressions 

Robert Clarke, PhD, Executive Director and Professor, and Lu Jin, MS, Researcher at The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, have co-authored a paper recently published in the journal ACS Nano



The Hormel Institute Scientist Susan Hafenstein, PhD, Receives $85K Grant to Study Hepatitis E 

This support will enable the Hafenstein lab to use cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) and tomography (cryoET) to study the structure and functions of the hepatitis E virus (HEV), which could help lead to the development of new treatment and preventative measures against HEV hepatitis.



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Minnesota Bioimaging Center

MBiC is a phased project that will build innovation space for cutting-edge bioimaging research capabilities needed to accelerate scientific discoveries in Minnesota and the Midwest region, educate and support the next generation of researchers, and create a positive economic impact for our communities.

Related: Austin Port Authority, Legislators, and The Hormel Institute Members Hold Press Conference for MBiC at State Capitol. 


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The Hormel Institute is a biomedical research center within the University of Minnesota’s Research and Innovation Office (RIO) that advances scientific knowledge, educates the researchers of tomorrow, and promotes health worldwide. We serve as a center of technical and educational expertise to benefit the Austin community, the state of Minnesota, the Midwest region, and beyond.


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