1. Collaborative Voucher Awards

In order to enable and promote new collaborations that utilize our staff efforts and infrastructure, seed funding is available to initiate and optimize preliminary Cryo-EM data collection necessary to make upcoming grant applications competitive.

One or two vouchers worth $5000 will be awarded biannually each February and August from the total applications received. Vouchers may be used to pay for any staff assistance and instrument fees accumulated at EM Labs each month. Vouchers are non-transferable, non-renewable and usable for a two-year period.

Any principal investigators internal or external to The Hormel Institute may apply for these vouchers provided, a) they sign an agreement contract to collaborate with a staff member(s) to advance impactful research that requires Cryo-EM screening of pure, homogeneous macromolecular samples, b) they agree the budget of future a grant application(s) will support completion of the Cryo-EM aims at The Hormel Institute, and c) they agree staff member(s) shall, in principle, become co-authors of publication(s) that report the results and interpretations resulting from the Cryo-EM data collected.

During this collaboration period, staff will offer to train others so that the knowledge and skills needed to independently conduct Cryo-EM research is learned.

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  1. Voucher Awards for Pre-Screened, Cryo-EM Optimized Projects

Funding for very short-term Cryo-EM data collections is available to promote utilization of the EM Lab’s infrastructure and increase the publication of manuscripts that acknowledge use of our resources. This award targets all principal investigators that have never used our infrastructure before, especially those with some expertise in Cryo-EM methods. The rationale for these awards is also driven by competition because free access to Titan Krios Cryo-EM instruments is available in the USA for limited durations elsewhere.

This voucher award is worth $XXXX, enough for XX-XX hours of Titan Krios instrument time provided the amount of any training remains minimal. These vouchers are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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